On the Indiana Toll Road

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If WEEI was on night pattern (which it should have been at any time
during the C's game last night), and the pattern was in adjustment, it
is difficult to imagine it booming in 750 miles to its west. WEEI is
supposed to send the equivalent of less than 100W in that direction at
night. Could Entercom be taking a cue from the co-channel station in
Penn Yan NY(WYLF), which is supposed to run 45W at night but was heard
all over the Northeast and Eastern Canada for many years--even after
the FCC issued a warning? Or was this a case of the "playoffs STA"
that the FCC has been rumored to allow to AMs in big and small markets
that carry sporting events of major importance to listeners in their
markets? Of course, it could also have been an example of freak
propagation conditions; I've never heard other reports of Entercom
stations violating the terms of their licenses.

The report of local reception last night being no different from
normal in MetroWest suggests freak propagation (which conceivably
could affect the skywave without affecting the groundwave). But then
there is the report of WEEI being heard routinely at night west of
Cleveland OH. That one REALLY puzzles me. A signal equivalent to 100W
routinely being heard ~500 miles away on today's crowded AM band may
not be impossible but it certainly seems freakish.

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> Both the Red Sox on 680 and the Celtics on 850 are bombing in near
> Elkhart, Indiana
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