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Kevin Vahey
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When did WCOP move the studio to the Lexington xmtr? I know in 68 they
were there and FM was run by a Gates automation system.

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>>Tell us about WNAC and WCOP.  I'm curious.   I remember the WNAC
>>building.  (What's there now?)
> My husband and I took photos a couple of years ago of what used to be
> the WNAC studios at 21 Brookline Ave-- the building was abandoned,
> sad to say, and left to just sit there unoccupied.  Next door,
> however, is the Buckminster Hotel, where WNAC moved in 1930-31 (the
> move occurred in two stages).  If I'm not mistaken, the Buckminster
> spent some time as a part of Grahm Junior College before being
> returned to its former role as a hotel.  The Buckminster had a
> wonderful ballroom, and WNAC used to hold live broadcasts with famous
> bandleaders.  The Brookline Ave location was a big deal in the early
> 40s-- in 1942, it was expanded to house what was then expected to be
> the next big thing-- FM.  The new and state of the art studios, with
> room for WNAC AM, the new FM operation, and the Yankee Network, was
> written up in many newspapers.  Of course, WNAC got its start in the
> Shepard Department Store's Boston location on Winter Place, in late
> July 1922.  (I have a scanned photo of the outside of the WNAC/Yankee
> studios on Brookline Ave, from 1946, if anyone wants me to send them a
> copy.)
> WCOP almost didn't get on the air-- its original owner died of a hear
> attack, if I remember my old notes about events in 1935.  It was
> originally supposed to have the call letters WMFH.  And of course
> went on the air from the Copley Plaza, in late August 1935.  In those
> days, it was at 1120 on the dial and was a daytimer only until late
> 1941.  It underwent a number of ownership changes in only a short
> time, and when it was purchased by Cowles Broadcasting in October
> 1944, there was talk of building a new and improved transmitter in
> Lexington, but the studios remained at the Copley Plaza Hotel and in
> mid June 1945, WCOP officially became part of the former Blue
> Network-- now American Broadcasting Co.  I assume that when WCOP was
> sold to Plough Broadcasting, it moved to the location at 234
> Clarendon, because that's where it is listed in the mid 1950s.

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