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Douglas Broda
Sun Jan 31 15:48:08 EST 2010

Per Rush's website, WOAI is the only 1200 that airs Rush that is owned 
by CC. (However, the website may be a bit behind. The only other 1200s 
anywhere that are listed as airing Rush are two North Carolina AMs, but 
at least one of those stations no longer airs his show - see . In fact, that posting 
definitely suggests that CC is aiming to move Rush to its stations 
elsewhere as well.) In any event, as WOAI has a strong brand as is in 
its market, I'm thinking WKOX is the likely intended target, too.

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Certainly possible (likely, even) that CCU has taken out the URL for
> what is today still WKOX. But, besides Newton and San Antonio, there
> are lots of 1200s around the country (this is not the early 80s, when
> WOAI was all there was). I have no idea how many, if any, of those are
> also owned by CCU and how many more, if any, that are not CCU-owned
> nevertheless carry Limbaugh.  Heck, I can imagine them having
> RushRadio1200s in half a dozen cities (as in Rushradio1200Boston,
> Rushradio1200SanAntonio etc) and licensing the URL to stations they
> don't own that carry Limbaugh. After all, since CCU owns at least part
> of Premiere, they own at least part of Limbaugh and hence at least
> part of his name.

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