Montreal's 690 and 940 to power down tonight

Larry Weil
Sat Jan 30 18:06:58 EST 2010

At 05:33 PM 1/30/2010, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

>Wasn't the original CFCF on 600?  As a kid I remember listening to 
>their shortwave simulcast CFCX, I think I have a QSL from them.  A 
>number of Canadian stations had shortwave simulcasts back in the 
>60s/70s.  When did they pull the plug on them?

I believe they pulled the plugs on them gradually as the transmitters 
died, there was no money to repair or replace them.  The original 
purpose of the shortwaves was to serve the sparsely-populated 
northern areas, many of these areas now have local translators 
receiving their programming by satellite.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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