Media impact on the special election

Mark Casey
Sun Jan 24 13:00:00 EST 2010

> There certainly are curious juxtapositions: Blandford went 62% for
> Brown, while _neighboring_ Becket went 62% for Coakley.

Blandford is in the Springfield TV market, whereas Becket is in the
Albany TV market.[1]  I rest my case.


TV markets don't explain why both Hampshire and Franklin Counties, the 
cities of Springfield, and Holyoke went for Coakley by far.
TV markets can go in the stew with a mix of factors like town lib-conserv 
politics (Amherst-Northampton vs the affluent Springfield suburbs), 
Coakley's percieved hometown and area roots(Berkshire County),  party 
registration ,  how strong of a local committee each candidate had within 
individual towns (this factor probably had the most to do with the outcome 
in individual Western Mass towns), and Brown's and Coakley's visits to the 

Mark Casey

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