Media impact on the special election

Sat Jan 23 15:36:39 EST 2010

If you are thinking of the same map that I'm thinking of, it used
colors to indicate towns that had voted for Obama in 2008 but had
voted for Brown in the 2010 special election. As far as I could tell,
such towns were colored pink. Densely populated towns, like mine
(Arlington), didn't occupy enough area for their names to appear, but
AFAIK, Arlington was colored pink, which I thought odd because
Arlington, though nowhere near as liberal as Brookline, has a
reputation for being, after Brookline, the second most strongly
Democratic town in the state. Indeed, the next day (Thursday), the
town newspaper (the Arlington Advocate) published the town election
results precinct by precinct. Approximately 20,000 Arlingtonians voted
in the special election and approximately 13,500, or more than 2/3,
voted for Coakley.

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> District?  This was a Senate race, so the "district" is the entire
> state.  But the Boston Globe earlier this week had an article and a
> map breaking down the vote by city/town, and I believe this is where
> this discussion originated.

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