Media impact on the special election
Sat Jan 23 11:02:30 EST 2010

 Some TV and radio people similarly were wall-to-wall Obama in terms of his election and his Presidency. I seem to remember one NBC employee named Chris Matthews getting a "thrill
up" his leg...Some have said that NBC wanted him in because G.E. would benefit from the health care bill passing, somehow.

On radio while some WTKK hosts were very pro-Brown, the morning show was pro-Coakley. On election night, McPhee was hooting and hollering that SCOTT BROWN IS ON THE PHONE!!! (to inform listeners that Coakley
conceded) during a live appearance. These are opinion shows of course,
though McPhee's election coverage was over the top, like it was a rock concert or the Red Sox winning the world series. 

The joy of hearing her screech MICHAEL GRAHAM IS IN THE HOUSE!!! when her fellow
co-host showed up...Very reserved and dignified :)

Well, politics is turning into sports or entertainment (er, when has it not been?) I guess.

I heard a clip of Rachel Maddow getting all choked up when she announced that Coakley was conceding. Now, is Maddow serving as a news person here, covering the event, or was she in
her opinion show mode? Perhaps MSNBC should have had news people doing that sort of
thing, and then turn things over to Maddow to offer her opinions.

Maybe if Coakley had won, she and her co-workers would have given high fives and started to
sing "We are the champions, no time for losers..." ...But again WTKK was
not exactly non-partisan that night either!


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