Screeching McPhee's Election Night Party...
Wed Jan 20 03:15:22 EST 2010

 Tonight on WTKK Michele McPhee did her show from F1, I think, and it was basically a Brown victory party. Now, I had no prob with the results myself but whoa, it was like a rock concert, party, or a sporting event(SCOTT BROWN HAS WON THE WORLD SERIES!). McPhee was definitely in an upmood, and no surprise there, but if you were expecting down-to-earthelection returns...ah, no.

"MICHAEL GRAHAM IS IN THE HOUSE!" (big cheer from crowd) etc.

Well, I went back and forth between that and the more conservative (in demeanor certainly) Avi Nelson on WRKO (and some Dan Rea on WBZ, and even some WBUR). But even if you were a Brownie, Michele's screaming, screeching voice was a bit too much!
She did kinda rub it in with colleague Margery Eagan but she said hey, they differ politically but they're
still friends, etc.

Supposedly the first media (radio?) outlet to be told (by Brown) that Coakley had conceded was WRKO/Avi Nelson.
He then went on WTKK

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