Liberal Talk Where Art Thou?

Mark Laurence
Tue Jan 19 16:37:34 EST 2010

WGBH numbers surged during the weeks of December 10-23.  I believe WBUR 
was in a pledge drive while 'GBH was debuting new programs, so that 
skews things somewhat.  Normally (25-54 AQH) WBUR dominates WGBH with a 
4-1 to even 10-1 advantage.  In December it was down to 3-1, as WGBH 
posted its biggest audience of the year.  'GBH was strongest in 
afternoon drive where they tripled their normal audience in the week of 
December 10.  'BUR is still a lot stronger, but WGBH's early news-talk 
numbers are dramatic.

Bob Nelson wrote:
> Very true re: WBUR numbers. And now 100000watt WGBH wants a piece of
> that pie. As for
> people giving money, some GBH contributors aren't happy that either a)
> they dropped folk and blues shows, or b) classical moved to a freq
> they can't pick up easily, or at all, and they may stop contributing.
> But GBH is confident they will still benefit by the moves.

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