Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk in April

Bob DeMattia bob.bosra@demattia.net
Tue Jan 19 13:33:39 EST 2010

I didn't mean to inply anything about the important of Rush in the
Boston market.
I certainly did imply an importance to  RKO.  I don't know that Entercom can put
anything that is going to do better in that time slot.  They have been
plagued with
problems filling their morning drive and late morning slots; Rush and Howie are
their only consistencies.  And even then, it is well known what
Howie's intentions
are.  The last thing they need is another problem.


On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:59 PM, Mark Laurence <marklaurence@mac.com> wrote:
> Bob DeMattia wrote:
>> We might not....but evidently CC thinks we do.  It will all play out
>> in the ratings.
>> But I think this is a power play on CC's part.  They can now threaten
>> to take Rush off RKO if RKO doesn't want to pay what they are asking when
>> it's time to resign the contract.
> I think you and many media observers overstate the importance of Rush in the
> Boston market.  He finished in 18th place in his timeslot (25-54) in the
> most recent ratings.  By comparison, WTKK had 50% more AQH listeners, WBZ
> had 60% more, and WBUR had 75% more.  (The #1 station had over 300% more
> listeners.)

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