Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk in April

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Fri Jan 15 03:53:41 EST 2010

 Tonight on Ch 4's segment with Jon Keller, Howie Carr was quoted as saying he felt about 15 per cent of his audience is liberal (you gave a similar number of conservatives listening to prog talk IIRC)...the topic was why Martha Coakley wasn't doing daily phone ins or studio appearances on local talk shows the way Scott Brown has been doing. Howie: "when that phone don't ring..." he'll know it's Martha; supposedly they have tried to get her on but she refuses, etc. Who knows if it would sway the election, but one would think either she's too busy or she doesn't want to deal with someone on the other side like Howie.

For the record, I think Dan Rea will have the AG on during his first hour tonight and Rea had
moderated a debate between the two on WBZ.



>>Rea's ideological views are often a collection of the most cherishedconservative talking points, and his right-leaning views permeateeverything he says.  (On the other hand, and in fairness, he seemsto be a moderate rightie and leans liberal on some social issues.  Ican respect that.) 

Some talk hosts like Phil Hendrie are the same way.

>>Both get some pretty respectable ratings in a number of markets, and bothhave won awards from the right-leaning Talkers Magazine.  Andsponsor-wise, both sell their own time (they have sales managers to doit), so both shows are profitable, as is Stephanie Miller'sshow.   

If Clear Channel, Entercom, or Greater Media felt they would succeed, they'd be on the new WXKS,
RKO, or WTKK. This is their call.

>>Unlikerightie listeners who often tend to be "true believers" andwant all their news and commentary from one source

Aren't some or many liberals the same way?

I would expect extremists on both sides--Malloy, Savage etc


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