Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk in April

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I have a feeling that if Carr were working for people he liked, his
constant whining about WRKO's poor coverage of MetroWest during the
last few hours of his program during winter months would stop. If CCU
offers him more money than GM will, he probably will stop whining.
OTOH, I don't think Entercom can offer him enough $$$ to stop him from
whining. He will, however, need to convince CCU that the combination
of good $$$ and congenial (read as "subservient") colleagues (maybe
sweetened with a continuation of the deal with WCRN) will stop him
from mailing in his program and send him back to work.

I suspect that another thing that would sweeten the deal for him would
be AM drive instead of PM drive. Would WCRN carry an out-of-market AM
drive show? I would guess yeah--if it helped to keep the lights on.
Putting Carr in AM drive would solve a problem for CCU. They must want
to air Hannity live on the new WXKS (AM). Can't do that if Carr is on
in PM drive.

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> This in itself is an interesting development, but I think it also
> gives rise to the question of where Howie will go when his contract
> with WRKO runs out.  He certainly makes no bones --- even on the
> air --- of being less than happy there.  If Howie goes elsewhere,
> will his regional "network" continue?   -Doug

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