Herald, BRW: 1200 to conservative talk in April

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Conservative talk has a proven track record. It reflects the views of
a large group of AM listeners (older, white, largely suburban,
middle-class, and upper middle class), nearly all radio execs, and
nearly all sponsors--both national and local. Progressive talk, OTOH,
reflects the views of hardly anybody in these groups.

The fascinating thing is that the average age of conservative-talk
listeners would make the format anathema to time buyers were it not
for the fact that the radical-right views expressed on the programs
strike such a responsive chord with advertisers and radio execs. Which
proves that if you spew the kind of hate that radio execs and
advertisers embrace, the average age of the listeners magically stops
mattering! Also, I think that many advertisers and radio execs embrace
conservative talk simply because they feel that it may swing elections
in favor of their favorite candidates. Even if nobody votes for
radical-right candidates because of conservative talk radio (and I
think that many people do), few advertisers and radio execs are
willing to risk not giving radical-right views the largest possible
exposure--especially in election years. So I guess that, to the other
problems with radio execs and advertisers, we can add extreme
hypocrisy. And what else is new?

Also, so much for the liberal bias of mainstream media. What a
complete, total, unadulterated crock!

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Conservative talk has tended to work even though CC gave progtalk a
try on several stations before switching to such things as sports in
New Haven and conservatalk in Providence.

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