Stupid Question

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Jan 11 23:59:48 EST 2010

On 11 Jan 2010 at 5:06, Dave Tomm wrote:

> Certain shows can be blocked, but most channels don't at this point, 
> fearing a backlash from viewers.  The only time I've seen it is with 
> certain HBO specials.  I tried to DVR the last Robin Williams special 
> and it didn't take.  I tried another show on that channel and it 
> worked fine.  My guess is that you may see more DVR blocking in the 
> future, as many viewers, particularly in the younger demos, often 
> record several shows each week and play them back at their 
> convenience, fast forwarding through the commercials of course.
Maybe VCRs will have a comeback.

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