Stupid Question

Bill O'Neill
Mon Jan 11 15:31:10 EST 2010

Bud wrote:
> Back in the good ol' days, before DVRs, my family and I used to use the commercial breaks in prime time shows for quick runs to the kitchen and/or the bathroom, or to check on the kids, or....etc.  So advertisers who paid for spots in those time slots were wasting their money in our household, at least.
Look on the bright side. For the green-minded, think of how much less 
toilet flushing is going on every ten minutes in America now that 
real-time viewing is on the wane. No intermittent six-inch drops in the 
river (or lake) levels.  As for DVR, when we were Dish customers, the 
fwd is in 30 second bites so there was no fast-fwd viewing. On replays, 
however, some spots did sneak through but likely that we were so unfazed 
by the spots that we didn't even notice they were airing. 

Bill O'Neill

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