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Yes, Bob Bittner is to be commended for what he does on WJIB and on 
Maine's WJTO (an actually-better signal in some Mass. coastal areas).  
I think there should be a little more 'ancient' country / folk / blues 
/ bluegrass, more hot '50s jazz a la Monk-Mingus-Coltrane-Parker-Davis, 
and more '50s rock / R&B in the line-up but that's just my opinion and 
I don't see him taking out some of the Mantovani and Melachrino Strings 
for "Sixty Minute Man" and "Work With Me Annie" anytime soon.

Monk-Mingus,et al.... not mainstream at all.  Like to keep WJIB mainstream 
with a few semi-mainstream LP tracks each hour, such as Dinah Washington, 
Billie Holiday.  Sixty-Minute Man IS on the playlist, and Mantovani (except 
for 2 songs) and Melanchrino Straings (except for 4 songs), are all gone. - I 
do play 2 to 4 instrumentals an hour, but they're more "up" than those two 

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