I guess holiday music works

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Sat Jan 9 11:15:33 EST 2010

At 02:54 AM 1/9/2010, jibguy@aol.com wrote:

>>I am thinking that if Bob Bitner had been able to buy WHEB, he would have
>>blanketed the coastline on 730, 740, and 750.
>Had I been awake and aware of 750's ownership's thoughts at the time, I
>definitely would have. Absolutely!

I'm not aware that WHEB (AM) was ever put up for sale.  The way I 
understand it, Knight offered to turn in the license for 750 & tear 
down the tower in exchange for the city of Portsmouth approving a 
taller tower for 100.3.   Even if Bob had gotten the license, he 
still would have had to build a new facility...I'm guessing not an 
easy or inexpensive proposition given the amount of NIMBYs in Portsmouth.

At 07:45 AM 1/9/2010, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>Betcha Hecht & Alonso will happily consider offers for their 750 CP in
>Hampden, outside of Bangor (50 kW-D/10 kW-N DA-N four towers).

Again, even if the CP could be had for a song the actual (1) buildout 
and (2) operating costs of a signal that would likely serve a lot of 
moose would be prohibitive.  Haven't seen the proposed pattern, but 
like most new AM allocations, I'd guess that it avoids most human 
population centers.

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