WGBH Greater Boston covers the meeting, "classical changes"

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Wed Jan 6 22:10:33 EST 2010

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> Look for "classical changes"

> "Boos and hisses; problems, complaints, and some support"

One misstatement in the report was the claim (also made by Mr. Voci at
the forum last night) that it is not possible to improve WCRB's
signal.  This is of course not true; it would simply involve spending
a lot of money (I guesstimated $20 million).  That would get them a
full class-B from the Pru, but would require moving or changing five
allotments.  (Two of the stations involved are owned by companies that
are currently bankrupt.)  Having said that, if I were WGBH management,
I would not consider it a prudent investment -- it would be cheaper to
simply give an HD tuner to every complainer in the hall.

I asked Voci after the event about changing the programming source on
W242AA.  He gave some smokescreen about FCC rules -- which is hogwash;
from an FCC perspective it does not matter whether 96.3 relays 89.7 or
89.7-HD2 -- but admitted that they were considering it.  That would
solve the problem with the rich people on Beacon Hill -- like the
"leader of a major cultural institution" -- who are unable to get
99.5.  (Unlike some of the complainers, I actually find it believable
that there would be people on the south side of Beacon Hill who
couldn't get 99.5, given the unfavorable topography and the front-end
overload from the seven stations on the Pru.)


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