Old South Church Meeting

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I think the towers must have come down before the building went away.
An assiduous search of newspaper archives would probably reveal when
the building went away because, IIRC, it was destroyed in a rather
spectacular fire. Had it not been, I suspect it would eventually have
been put to some other use. Take away the towers, and the building
could have served any number of purposes. I'm told that there were
living quarters on the second floor. I've also been told that the
living quarters had not been used as anybody's home for many years
before the fire. Instead, they reportedly became a venue for
frequent and rather spectacular parties. If I read correctly between
the lines of those reports, the place may have ceased to be fit for
human habitation before it neared the end of its life. I suppose the
fire might have broken out when a party grew out of control.

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> At 01:26 PM 1/6/2010, Bob DeMattia wrote:
>>I know that they moved the 1510 transmitter to Waltham in 1981, but
>>I wonder
>>when the old towers and transmitter building were finally torn down.
> To this day, if you look carefully at the marsh next to the big
> apartment building that was built on the site, you can still see a
> few pieces of the concrete that anchored the guy wires of the WMEX
> transmitter.

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