Victor Best

A. Joseph Ross
Fri Jan 1 14:36:44 EST 2010

On 31 Dec 2009 at 9:02, Peter Q. George wrote:

> If recall, Victor Best eventually wound up on Boston Catholic's
> WIHS-TV Channel 38 (now WSBK-TV) in around 1965 doing "Victor Best and
> The News".  He was basically doing copy with no film or whatever.  He
> was reading the copy sitting at a desk with a placard in front of him
> that said "Victor Best".  The background was wood paneling.  It was
> obviously a one-camera shot.  One time I remember he was on the air
> with his arm in a sling for a few days. (Must have hurt himself at the
> time.) I vaguely recall it was only a 10-15 minute newscast, right
> before "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis".
This sounds very similar to the newscast he was doing in the early 
evening on channel 4 in the early 1950s.  It came after a block of 
chldren's programming, which is why I saw it.  He did have some film, 
though, but not as much as there is on TV newscasts now.

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