Donna Halper
Fri Jan 1 04:07:44 EST 2010

At 03:26 AM 1/1/2010, Thomas Heathwood wrote:
>Maybe someone ( Hint, hint,  Donna) could compile a collection of 
>all the names from the golden years of broadcasting here in Boston and
>vicinity complete with a brief description of each.  So many of the 
>Boston Interest subscribers have such a lot of favorites, with 
>personal recollections, perhaps an author could weave those 
>remembrances into book form shedding specific light on the 
>development of the stations and it's personalities from the 1930's 
>through the 1960's (or so). Happy New Year!!

I'd love to do it if only (a) I had more time and (b) I could make a 
few bucks from it-- I mean, I love media history, but my landlord 
loves to get the rent each month... I'd be very happy to work on such 
a project-- lord knows I have the information available... as soon as 
I finish my PhD dissertation, maybe Tom and I and a couple of other 
good folks who love media history can collaborate.  Would you want an 
on-line book or would you want to try to get something published?

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