quick radio contest question

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Fri Feb 26 17:54:22 EST 2010

At 03:12 PM 2/26/2010, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>WBZ certainly compresses their rules electronically. They must use
>software that's designed to read text to the blind, although the voice
>is not synthesized; it's a WBZ voice that I recognize from promos;
>when Scott Fybush worked at 'BZ, he and Scott did many promos
>together. ISTR, his last name is Coleman.

Mike Coleman-- the guy is one of the best production 
directors.  Actually, radio PDs and even some GMs have been begging 
the FCC for years to get rid of those long disclaimers-- you also 
hear them on car ads which have some motormouth explaining the terms 
and conditions for getting the special rates, but you can't 
understand a word the person is saying...  For whatever reason, the 
FCC has never moved on putting an end to the long list of whatevers 
and caveats-- I wish they would because it sounds awful.

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