quick radio contest question

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WBZ certainly compresses their rules electronically. They must use
software that's designed to read text to the blind, although the voice
is not synthesized; it's a WBZ voice that I recognize from promos;
when Scott Fybush worked at 'BZ, he and Scott did many promos
together. ISTR, his last name is Coleman. Anyhow, it sounds as if the
speech is time compressed to the maximum possible extent using
software intended to produce text for the blind. Visually challenged
people apparently become quite adept at deciphering the compressed
speech. Must take a fair amount of practice, though.

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> I've heard some stations do a breathless, high-speed recitation of
> their
> general contest rules, usually very early in the morning (~5AM or
> so). This
> makes me think they are still required to broadcast the rules,
> otherwise why
> would you put that on. They are so quickly read that they are nearly
> impossible to understand (kind of like those FDA disclaimers that
> flash on
> the screen for 2 milliseconds on herbal remedy infomercials). I
> don't think
> anyone could actually read that fast, so I would bet they compress
> it
> electronically.
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> Are stations still required to broadcast contest rules, or can
> postings of such on the web suffice?

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