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>Has anyone else noticed that the audio from WCRB, 99.5, is somewhat
distorted today?  I was wondering if it was my vehicle radio or the
Donald Dillaby
It's funny you should mention it;  just one hour ago, I was listening to one
of the tapes WGBH made of performances in their concert hall.  The piece
(not that it particularly matters whatn the piece was, we're talking about audio
quality here) was a Beethoven sonata for 'cello and piano from Opus 5, therefore
an early piece by the L-man.   That means he wrote it during his phase as the most
amazing improviser on keyboard ever (contemporaries who heard both Mozart and Beethoven 
improvise said that the latter was superior). The upshot is that a piece described as 
a sonata for 'cello and piano by LvB that early is ACTUALLY a sonata for piano with
'cello accompaniment...and the piano sound was GLORIOUS, as if the instrument was actually 
in the room.  Once in a while, when the 'cello player had something to say, you could almost 
see the horsehide fray as he dug into the music.  All in all, no distortion today (Thursday)
as far as I could tell.

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