New program at WBUR?

Thu Feb 18 12:58:49 EST 2010

I think it will be the afternoon broadcast of Terri Gross and Fresh
Air that will disappear from WBUR. WBUR will still carry Terri at
9:00PM M-F and WGBH caries her at 2:00PM. If that's what happens, WBUR
will lose some listeners to the first hour of TOTN. A lot of people
who currently listen to Terri during the day won't switch to evenings
because they can get her an hour later just down the dial. But they
can't listen to Terri and hour 1 of TOTN at the same time.

Personally, I don't think Radio Boston is a strong entry on WBUR's
midday schedule. With this move, I think WBUR is shooting itself in
the foot and is showing that it is running scared. OTOH, the less
professionally done local shows on WGBH (Emily and Callie) may have
lowered the bar.

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> Looks like they'll be expanding Radio Boston to five days. Here's
> the job posting for executive producer:
> Sean Smyth wrote:
>> An ad on today for a producer for a new, "local"
>> program at 90.9. (Wasn't The Connection local when it first signed
>> on?)
>> What gets bumped off the schedule? I'd guess the second hour of
>> Talk of the Nation, if they're still airing it.
>> Maybe this is old news and apologies if it is, but I hadn't
>> seen/heard anything about it previously.

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