FCC Open Today: Area Applications

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
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Geoff Davis was the morning man on WOKO when I started working there in 
December of 1967. As I understood it at the time, morning drive was pretty 
much a two-way battle between him and Bill Edwardson at WGY. Shortly after I 
started at WOKO, the station was sold to a group that switched format from 
MOR to country. Davis left at that time, and I don't know where he went 
afterwards. A year or two later, Edwardson left WGY for greener pastures - 
Detroit or Cleveland, as I recall. I did have the opportunity to work with 
him at WGY before he left the station.  Davis was replaced by Dave Dewey at 
WOKO, and Edwardson was replaced by Jack Shannon - "Shannon on the Morning."

When I started, WOKO was owned by a local-ish group whose name escapes me 
now. The buyer was a Denver-based group that also owned KTLK ("K-Talk"). 
Jack Chapman, the new manager, was astonished to find that previous 
management had traded out just about everything, including the power bill! 
The vast majority of the cash income was from the Sunday morning taped 
religious shows that I ran. The tapes came with checks in the boxes. That, 
apparently, was sufficient to make payroll.  Some things never change...


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> When was Davis on WOKO and who owned WOKO when he worked there? I
> remember him on WINS in New York when I was in high school, if not
> before, and I was in the Capital District when he arrived there--at
> WROW. He may still have been working at WROW when I graduated from
> college and moved to Boston. Since he had worked in New York (albeit,
> he was at WINS before it became a huge success under Westinghouse
> ownership), I wondered whether he felt like a big fish in a small
> pond, but I guess he didn't mind.
> I also remember Bruce Bradley at WROW. He was an MOR jock then--and
> obviously very talented.
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>> IIRC, Dale Dorman voiced his WRKO morning show live from his home
>> while he was incapacitated by ?a motorcycle accident?
>> Dave Doherty wrote:
>>> That was a pretty extreme case, but it was not at all unusual for
>>> radio celebs to work from home studios.
>>> In Albany, at least one morning guy did his show from his home
>>> studio (Geoff Davis on WOKO-1460)...

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