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When I was working at WCAP (1999 - 2008) I was doing almost everything from
my home studio.  The overnight show (Music & Memories 1940's,50's, 60's,
70's) from Midnight - 6am every night......Morning news anchoring.......The
Saturday Night Sock Hop (came from the ice cream shop parking lot which is
on the same property).....etc.  I was tied into the station by an 8khz telco
line which both went through the master control console (for news and other
times that I had to interact with other talent) and also went around the
console direct to an automated switcher for times that it was going to be
just me originating programming.
When I was doing production, I would record it at home.....upload it to the
station computer...then remote into the station computer and import the file
into the stations automation system....the only time I had to go to the
downtown Lowell studios was on Fridays to get my paycheck.
The studio consisted of:
Mackie 1402 mixer with a Broadcast Tools Console Controller
Audio-Digital brand profanity delay
2 Telos digital hybrids for phone calls
3 computers for audio (two ran OtsDJ software, all 3 had Adobe Audition and
Cool Edit Pro)
3 RE-20 mikes on OC White booms
Sennheiser HD202 headphones (run through a Bheringer Headphone Distrib Amp)
Bose Speakers for studio monitor
Sony AM receiver for air monitor

The studio still exists today (minus the 8k telco line) but is used just for
voice-over and podcast work....I have also integrated my ham station into

Gary Francis

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That was a pretty extreme case, but it was not at all unusual for radio 
celebs to work from home studios.

In Albany, at least one morning guy did his show from his home studio (Geoff

Davis on WOKO-1460)...


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> On 13 Feb 2010 at 16:05, Dale H. Cook wrote:
>> You could, but it might be expensive. In our cluster all announce and
>> production positions use an RE20 with shock mount, pop filter, and
>> Symetrix 528E processor. With a mike boom that would set an announcer
>> back $1,300. Add $200 for a decent quality USB audio interface and you
>> get $1,500. Even with that investment you would not get the same
>> result as voice tracking in the studio, since each announcer would
>> need their own automation system at home to do that, at a cost of
>> about $10,000 per jock for one of the top-end systems. Trying to do a
>> shift live from home over the internet would be possible, but the
>> uncontrollable delay of the internet and other uncertainties would
>> make it problematical.
> OK, but I've read that circa 1947 WNBC built a studio in the basement
> of Bob Smith's (the future Buffalo Bob) home in New Rochelle, so that
> he could do his show from home on weekends.  That studio was expanded
> into a TV studio in 1955, after his heart attack, permitting him to
> be on the Howdy Doody Show from "Pioneer Village," so that he wouldn'
> have to commute into New York every day.
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