WROW/Albany format change protest

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 14 10:07:06 EST 2010

Apparently there was a protest held yesterday outside the Albany Broadcasting studios over WROW's format change.  It was covered by a few local media outlets.




To summarize, it was the typical disgruntled former listeners picketing outside the studios trying to get as much media attention as they can. It was organized primarily by several local conservative political groups; nothing wrong with that.  However, what I find really scary about this is that these protestors insist that this change is solely for political reasons (to silence conservative opinion) and has nothing to do with the fact that WROW's ratings have been in the dumper for several years now (and their billing couldn't have been much better).  Albany Broadcasting GM Chuck Benfer came and addressed these protestors, telling them that he personally is a registered Republican, and insists that this change is purely business-related (see my comment about ratings above).  Even this doesn't faze them...

                                            Matt Osborne
                                            Rotterdam, NY

P.S. - These protesters also fail to acknowledge the fact that there are at least two other conservative talk stations in this area (WGY 810 and WGDJ 1300, which is predominantly conservative talk) so their opinions are not necessarily being 'stifled' by this.


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