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Who owns 104.5? Galaxy? If it's Galaxy, is the company at its
ownership limit in the Capital District? If not, I could see them
buying WROW. Dunno whether an AM/FM simulcast would then be an option,
but it's certainly easier to find music formats that work on FM than
music formats that work on AM.

I guess if that didn't work, the last-ditch option would be a
simulcast with WAMC, which would presumably mean that WAMC would have
to get rid of 1400--or switch it to Classical unless some other public
station is already doing Classical. I doubt that there would be much
expectation that anyone would actually listen to Classical on 1400,
but it would keep the license alive. If WAMC were to sell 1400, I
suspect that 1400 would wind up in the hands of some religious
broadcaster. I don't think there's a Catholic station in the Capital
District. There is one in Rochester, though, and it's a decent
facility--the former WHEC 1460.

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> 104.5 FM (missed calls) does ESPN in the Capital Region...(I was
> listening yesterday on my way back home...going through Albany)...
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Concord NH
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>> WROW certainly has a great signal--especially during the day. Even
>> if
>> 1300 builds out its power increase to 10 kW-D/8 kW-N, the coverage
>> will never equal WROW's. Who is doing sports in the Capital
>> District?
>> 980, right? Nothing wrong with the 980 signal, but 590 is better.
>> Unless there is a sports-talk station on a decent FM signal, I
>> would
>> guess WROW's next format flip would be to sports talk. ESPN? Is 980
>> local at all? If not, I would guess that the competition would not
>> feel compelled to be local either.
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>>> --- On Mon, 2/8/10, Paul B. Walker, Jr.
>>> <walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com> wrote, regarding WROW:
>>>> They dumped the talk format on the
>>>> AM, are simulcasting Magic 100.9 WKLI on
>>>> the AM, the Magic format will eventually move over all to
>>>> the AM and there
>>>> will be a new format for 100.9 in a few months
>>> Did anyone happen to get the exact time the plug was pulled and AM
>>> 590 was switched to the simulcast?  I was listening to Magic 100.9
>>> for most of this morning at my desk starting a little after 10:00
>>> AM.  As late as 10:30, I recall the announcer talking about
>>> hearing
>>> your favorite Magic songs "in crystal-clear FM stereo."  The first
>>> sign that anything was up came at about 10:50 AM, when they did a
>>> combined legal ID for WKLI and WROW.  Then, immediately after the
>>> TOH newscast the liners began, instructing all Magic listeners to
>>> switch to AM 590 to continue hearing it.
>>> All in all, I'm not surprised by this at all.  WROW's ratings have
>>> been in the tank for a few years now, and with start-up talk
>>> station
>>> WGDJ (AM 1300, the former WQBK) gaining traction, the writing was
>>> on
>>> the wall.  The real question in my mind is, if the Magic format
>>> turns out to be unviable for AM 590, what other format would work
>>> for a 5 kw-D/1 kw-N AM station like that?
>>>                                         Matt Osborne
>>>                                         Rotterdam, NY

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