DirecTV and WCVB (Hearst) at odds

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Wed Dec 15 18:27:00 EST 2010

Oregon just announced a settlement with DirecTV due to deceptive business
practices here and in other states.  DirecTV to pay something like $14.7
million in penalties.  In Easter Oregon DirecTV has dropped all off-the-air
HDTV.  Customer Service is telling folks it's a problem with their TV's,
even suggesting returning them to the dealer!  WE have had a number of irate
folks call the ratio station to talk about issues with DirecTV.... what did
they due, hire all the old TCI executives?  Sure sounds like the good old
days of TCI.


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Well, I consider it "high stakes negotiation" from a business standpoint, 
but "bullying" the viewers into making panic calls to their TV providers. 
Keep the negotiations in the conference room. I think involving the 
customers is sleazy and a really cheap move.

I talked with a Time-Warner who says their customer service lines 
are clogged with abusive viewer calls. All the rep. can say," I'm sorry but 
it's out of my hands."

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>> ABC is doing the same thing "bullying act" here in North Carolina...
> Is it really "bullying"...or just a high stakes negotiation? 

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