You Say "Skizzum", I Say "Sizz-um"...
Sun Dec 5 15:47:32 EST 2010

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>WQOM's day pattern is a three-tower modified cardioid with the 
>radiation maximum at 90 degrees true. IIRC, the maximum 
>inverse-distance field--and it's pretty broad--is ~5700 mV/m @1km, 
>which is equivalent to ~200 kW from the better-than half-wave towers. 
>If you compare 5700 mV/m with the Class B minimum of 281 mV/m/kW @ 
>1km, the equivalent power is about 400 kW ND. 
 >Forget about not feeding the fishes! All that power really is 
>necessary to deliver a competitive signal to downtown Boston because, 
>according to measurements taken for WAMG and (then) WBIX, the soil 
>conductivity east of the site is a very dramtically low 0.1 mS/m, a 
>value that I thought never ocurred in nature except in granite 
>quarries and between the skyscrapers of places like midtown Manhattan. 

 Now that it appears likely that at any time between sunrise and sunset (7:00 am thru
 4:15 in December), WQOM will be at maximum power, has anybody out there 
 who lives in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge or Somerville,  or drives around those 
 communities during those hours, tried to tune in to WQOM?  (Or, Medford,
 home of WILD-AM, although this station is weaker than WBZ-AM and no longer
 emits IBOC hash). 

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