You Say "Skizzum", I Say "Sizz-um"...

Sun Dec 5 16:35:01 EST 2010

I have no reception reports on WQOM other than from here in Arlington
Heights, where there is no perceptable change in the signal from when
it was WBIX and transmitted by day from 100 Mt Wayte Ave. Back then,
the AGC in my radios totally papered over any change in signal
strength between CH (22 kW) and D (40 kW). The combination of the soil
conductivity (poorer in Ashland than in Framingham--apparently) and
the slightly greater distance from Ashland to Arlington Heights than
from Framingham to Arlington Heights seems to paper over the slightly
greater daytime power (50 kW vs 40 kW). Anyhow, reception of WQOM is
fine here by day and mostly not bad at night. Although I don't know
this to be the case, I could believe that WQOM's engineers have
tweaked the carrier frequency ever so slightly to minimize the effect
of the sub-audible heterodyne with KYW. If that is what was done, it
has mitigated a major source of bothersome nighttime interference.

My understanding is that WBZ welcomed 1060's move from relatively
densely populated downtown Framingham to rather sparsely populated
Ashland. (The area immediately east of the 890/1060 site, where both
stations' signals are very strong--especially during the daytime--is
almost unpopulated.) When WBIX was in Framingham, enough neighbors
complained about interference to WBZ to be a concern to WBZ's
engineering staff. Now, there are many fewer neighbors who are likely
to experience such problems.

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 Now that it appears likely that at any time between sunrise and
sunset (7:00 am thru
 4:15 in December), WQOM will be at maximum power, has anybody out
 who lives in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge or Somerville,  or drives
around those
 communities during those hours, tried to tune in to WQOM?  (Or,
 home of WILD-AM, although this station is weaker than WBZ-AM and no
 emits IBOC hash).

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