The World

Garrett Wollman
Sun Dec 12 22:13:13 EST 2010

<<On Sun, 12 Dec 2010 18:06:13 -0500, "Don" <> said:

> Also, I don't know that it's succesful in getting cleared at other non-comm 
> outlets around the country.

You could just check their station listings.  It appears that they are
carried on the statewide public-radio networks in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho,
Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont,
and West Virginia, plus major urban markets in California, New York,
Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.  They claim 250 stations
carry it daily.

> I'm not sure what the point of this program it simply status to 
> produce a program with the BBC?

Given the amount of money they spent to build a special newsroom and
studios for it, I assume it comes with a substantial revenue stream.
It's difficult for an outsider to tease out the general PRI
underwriting from the specific underwriting commitments to this


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