WEIM call letter change

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
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Let me throw in my thoughts.

As we know there are2 elements to a ratings share....cumulative 
listeners....and the Time SPent listening.

I don't claim to be an expert...but my archair analysis would be that WBUR 
has a largers TSL....(or whatever they call it now...AWTL?).

WBUR is a station that flows from one program to the next, with a local 
hosts bridging elements....leaving one with little reason to tune away.

WGBH is a little more disjointed.  Where WBUR runs Morning Edition from 5AM 
to 9AM....GBH is running a shorter version of Morning Edition to make room 
for the BBC Newhour, The Takeaway, and a repeat of The Takeaway. 
(BTW....Morning Edition and ATC are BGH's highest rated programs, you would 
think they would maximize it.)

Middays on WGBH looks promising with their local talk blocks, but they have 
to get rid of the Diane Rehm show if the want to get more people in the 
door.  She has a much too polarizing style without getting into medical 
issues.  She is bright and articulate, but.....

Afternoons GBH runs the very borrrrrring "The World" a real tune out right 
before All Things Considered.  Then they RERUN The World at 6PM....which 
would be a time I would think people are looking for more local/national 
news.....and less, say, about a coup in Georgia.  (The World is one of their 
lowest rted hours, and yet they REPEAT it!)

And then there's GBH's Jazz in the Evening.  Nothing against Jazz, but 
WBUR's repeats of On Point in the evening do very well....and again 
contribute the overall flow of WBUR.

I think WGBH has to work out some more things on their schedule, to make it 
less choppy and give them some consistancy and a longer TIme Spent 
Listening.  Maximize their strong points....and do away with the weak links.

WBUR has a flow to it.  I know what to expect WHENEVER I tune into WBUR.  I 
am given very little reason to tune away.

With WGBH, I am never quite sure what I am going to get when I tune in.

So, thats me spouting.  ;-)

I think the answer to your question is TSL (Time Spent Listening).

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> Dan Kennedy asked me about the nice article Scott & I were in.  His 
> question was "Why is WBUR's share more than 3 times that of WGBH, yet its 
> lead in total listeners is less than double?"  Hot theories anyone?

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