Globe editorial calls FM radio "outdated technology"

Mon Aug 30 00:49:13 EDT 2010

From: "A Joseph Ross" <>

> My datum point is that my 1970 Dodge Dart still had AM only radio, until I 
> got an under-dash FM converter.  My next car was my parents' 1977 
> Oldsmobile, which had AM-FM radio.  I believe it was sometime in the 1980s 
> before stereo began to appear in cars.  My next car was a 1991 Accord, 
> which had stereo and a cassette player.  Cassettes first came out in the 
> late 60s or early 70s, but it took at least to the 1980s to appear in 
> cars.

My first new car was in 1980 Checkvrolet....and it still only came with AM.

My next new car in 1985 Volkswagon.....had FM as a stock item...but it 
wasn't stereo. 

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