Globe editorial calls FM radio "outdated technology"

John Mullaney
Mon Aug 23 22:44:20 EDT 2010

Hi Bob,

In example number (1) most of the radio were knocked off the air and the
others ran out of diesel fuel. Quite a few got back on from remote locations
but days later. TV did a better job but they had a lot of problems too.
Thing is how do you recharge your phone anyways.

Example(2) EAS was never activated

(3) I have no data

The thing is today's EAS system is a joke. And even if you could fix it
people just don't listen to the radio like they used too. A massive cellular
regional text messaging blast would be of more use today to spread messages
quickly. If it was designed to stagger messages you'd think you could even
handle the load issues.

In massive disasters like Katrina almost everything goes down eventually due
to a loss of power. If the infrastructure fails to that degree it's almost
impossible to get diesel fuel pumped from tanks and delivered with
hospitals. Police and Fire getting the first deliveries. With today's loads
and today's EPA regulations on tanks most folks go through there supply of
fuel in 24hrs-46hrs. 

Anyways isn't FM radio what the NAB wants to add. I don't think there intent
is EAS.

I do have the iPod FM tuner with RDS. I use to like it cause folks never
realized you could be listening to FM on planes with your IPod. But you
can.... Not that I would. ;)


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(1) Hurricane Katrina (2005)
(2) World Trade Center attack (2001)
(3) Hurricane Andrew (1992)

In these cases, there are three major contributing factors:
(1) loss of cell towers themselves causes coverage holes
(2) land and microwave links between the towers are lost
(3) people both inside and outside the affected area start trying to call
      their friends and relatives causing the already diminshed-capacity
      system to overload.

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