Globe editorial calls FM radio "outdated technology"

Garrett Wollman
Mon Aug 23 14:23:46 EDT 2010

<<On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 06:46:26 -0600, Sid Schweiger <> said:

> It's really simple: Give me something fresh, relevant and compelling
> to listen to, and you've got me.  Do nothing more than run on fumes,
> maintaining the status quo, and you've lost me.  What part of this
> does the NAB not understand?

You know what sort of people run the NAB.  All they understand is that
they have an "investment" in a medium, audio entertainment, that was
once thought to be finite.  As their business model falls apart, they
naturally look to the government to prop them up, just as the banks
and automakers did in 2008, and the copyright industry did in the

(TV got there first, with the Cable Act of 1992's reinstatement of
must-carry and retrans consent.  Most of the TV broadcasters who are
ranting about the FCC trying to take "their" spectrum away would have
gone out of business a decade ago were it not for the Cable Act.)


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