WWZN has a suitor but

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>From Foxboro, there is slim chance of keeping the station licensed to
Boston. That isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, though. Norwood or
Foxboro itself would be possibilities. A big problem would be the
late, and as far as I can tell unlamented, CJRS. Dark for a generation
or not, CJRS still requires nighttime protection, so the night signal
in a fairly narrow corridor more or less due north of Foxboro would be
limited to an inverse-distance field of  ~1185 mV/m @ 1 km, which is
the current nighttime ID field at 349 degrees. From the current site,
that signal barely gets 1510 to Burlington at night. Therefore, with a
Tx far southwest of Boston, 1510's night signal in places like much of
Newton would be, for all practical purposes, nonexistent. If ESPN was
unhappy with 890, they would be even more unhappy with 1510. ESPN did
not pay anything for 890 because they didn't buy it. So the price was
right. They would be paying a bundle to move 1510, and in much of the
market, the signal would be no better than 890's. This project is
tailor-made only for dupes with deep pockets.

I wonder if the site is the same one to which Alex Langer once applied
to move 650. It was just east of Route 1 in Wrentham--almost in Rhode

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> Down in Foxboro and talking to a front office employee of the Kraft
> Entertainment Group (Patriots-Revolution-Patriot Place)
> They are looking at buying 1510 and what I am told it involves
> moving
> the transmitter to land they have in Foxboro. Apparently some
> consulting firm has whipped up a pattern that might pass muster in
> Washington.
> They have NO interest in the current transmitter location and signal
> but feel from Foxboro they could cover the market and it would be an
> ESPN outlet and and outlet for the soccer team - the Pats would stay
> at 98.5
> OK pattern gurus - using Gillette Stadium as ground zero could they
> really do something with 1510?

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