WRKO loses Fox, picks up ABC

revdoug1@myfairpoint.net revdoug1@myfairpoint.net
Mon Aug 2 13:46:29 EDT 2010

WRKO was an NBC affiliate for a while, during the time when GE turned 
the radio network over to Westwood One.   Willard Scott used to do a 
five-minute weekday broadcast that I recall hearing on 'RKO, also Jane 
Pauley doing the 10 AM newscast.  (These were before WW1 eviscerated 
the network.  Don't get me started . . . )

I haven't noticed --- is 'BZ still an ABC affiliate as well?   It was 
up until a week or two ago.   -Doug

Quoting raccoonradio@mail.com:
>  The other day I thought I heard the theme for ABC on WRKO on the half
> hour...and now someone posted on a conservative message board:
> >>No more FOX news on RKO, now ABC News - WTH? WTH?
> Well it looks like the last vestige of Premiere Radio is gone from 
> WRKO. You'll
> remember that they lost Rush, Beck, Coast to Coast, Bill Cunningham, 
> etc. with
> the debut of WXKS 1200. 
> Owned by Clear Channel whose Premiere has those shows, plus Fox News 
> and I think
> Fox Sports Radio, too (There is a "Fox News Talk" network with shows 
> like Brian
> Kilmeade
> and John Gibson but that's a separate company)
> For awhile both WRKO and WXKS were running Fox News--on the latter, 
> some local
> headlines
> then some Fox News. But as I said above it's apparently gone--no 
> doubt pulled by
> CC/Premiere and is now on WXKS only. So they must have picked up ABC news. 
> In the past I remember ABC news being on WRKO, also on WBZ. WRKO was also
> briefly
> a CBS affiliate (now WBZ of course)

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