WRKO loses Fox, picks up ABC

raccoonradio@mail.com raccoonradio@mail.com
Mon Aug 2 11:12:59 EDT 2010

 The other day I thought I heard the theme for ABC on WRKO on the half hour...and now someone posted on a conservative message board:

>>No more FOX news on RKO, now ABC News - WTH? WTH?

Well it looks like the last vestige of Premiere Radio is gone from WRKO. You'll remember that they lost Rush, Beck, Coast to Coast, Bill Cunningham, etc. with the debut of WXKS 1200.
Owned by Clear Channel whose Premiere has those shows, plus Fox News and I think
Fox Sports Radio, too (There is a "Fox News Talk" network with shows like Brian Kilmeade
and John Gibson but that's a separate company)

For awhile both WRKO and WXKS were running Fox News--on the latter, some local headlines
then some Fox News. But as I said above it's apparently gone--no doubt pulled by
CC/Premiere and is now on WXKS only. So they must have picked up ABC news.

In the past I remember ABC news being on WRKO, also on WBZ. WRKO was also briefly
a CBS affiliate (now WBZ of course)

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