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Mon Apr 26 11:49:50 EDT 2010

I can attest to what Aaron is saying - listening to 97.7 in the very small
WYAJ service
area, my radio will switch back and forth between WYAJ's analog signal and
97.7 WKAF's
digital carriers.


On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:45 AM, Aaron Read <friedbagels@gmail.com> wrote:

> Eli Polonsky wrote:
>> The HD signal was so weak that even a few blocks
>> from the tower, I was only getting the HD icon blinking, meaning it was
>> detecting a HD signal,
>> but it was too weak to fully lock on to the HD.
>> It kept trying to load the HD signal, but failed.
>> (snip) I tried it again a few weeks ago, and W242AA seems
>> to be no longer in HD, there was no more blinking HD icon, so I don't know
>> what's up with it.
> @Jeff: if W242AA is relaying the HD2 audio of WGBH, then by definition no
> HD carriers can be "passed through" because WGBH HD signal is being decoded
> to audio and then fed into an audio input of W242AA's transmitter.
>  (possibly with an audio processor inbetween)
> @Eli: I would suspect that you were getting digital carriers from either
> adjacent-channel WSRS out of Worcester or co-channel WEII out of Dennis.
>  Both have pretty monster signals that would ordinarily come in fairly well
> in Kendall Square if it weren't for W242AA.  It's entirely possible for a
> digital signal to start to overlay an analog-only one; I've seen it
> happen...the radio starts on the analog station and then suddenly blends to
> the digital one.
> Or maybe WGBH really did drop a dime on a new HD Exporter for W242AA. But
> if they did, they never notified the FCC about it and, AFAIK, FM translators
> still require digital notification.
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