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"The FCC was told to break their own rules by Harry Reid."

The FCC did no such thing, and Harry Reid has no statutory authority to order a regulatory agency to violate either the law or its own rules (not to mention that it would be a violation of his oath as a US senator).

Sen. Reid wrote FCC chairman Kevin Martin a letter, praising Radio Goldfield's programming, and the engineering folks at the Commission found a frequency (different from the one Goldfield was originally using) that, transmitting 100 watts, would not interfere with licensed stations.  They issued an STA per Section 309(f) of the Communications Act.  He is free to apply for an LPFM at the next filing window.

It should actually have been relatively easy for Goldfield to get a license, since the area he was transmitting from is drastically underserved by radio.  Unfortunately this action sets a precendent that will be difficult for the FCC to ignore.  Apparently all a pirate needs to do is to claim that his station is serving previously unserved areas and/or programming.  Look for the term "Goldfield waiver" to start popping up in responses to FCC actions against pirates.

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