Boxford pirate's coax cable cut
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>>>>Hmm. Might want to ask 2nd adjacent WBMT about  that. WBMT, is a 
radio station, 
operating LEGALLY, using  circular polarization. It is not very far from 
guy's illegal  operation.
It is a class A FM station, therefor, it receives protection to  its 1st,
2nd***, and 3rd frequencies.
So the answer is, technically,  yes, this guy IS interfering with another
station, 2nd adjacent  WBMT.3
And depending on the power he is using, he could be causing  prohibited
overlap into 1st adjacent WMBR.
It's probably clear from IF  spaced 98.5, but I couldn't tell at this moment
if it is or  not.<<<<
Hi Mike,
Man choosing WBMT vs a pirate was the wrong choice.
First of all, WBMT operates whenever it wants and is hardly ever on  the 
air. The only station that is interfering with WBMT is  WEVS in  Nashua at 5KW 
operating on the same frequency. WBMT messed up  when they sat on their 
hands when NHPR signed WEVS on a few years ago. WEVS  sounds like a local 
station even when WBMT is on the air.
 Speaking of irony, WBMT serves no one and is awaiting a hearing  for 
license renewal for profanity and this guy is serving the area. When I am up  
there I listen to it and I know some of you listen to it too.
I am betting that WBMT will loose their license because they  have quite a 
bit against them including a statement to the FCC  stating that they see no 
problem with obscenity on the air.  That  statement alone screams public 
service to me. They have been operating without a  license for over three years 
now ( currently on an STA). You really have to  see the documents they 
submitted! I have and the off air recordings as  well.
I doubt very much that WMBR can even hear this station and if they  can 
perhaps he could jump down to 87.7 and that would certainly eliminate  that 
problem. Works like a champ in NYC. Pulse 87.7 Hey let's dance!
Yeah I know. "They don't have a license". Neither do the other unlicensed  
stations in Boston but I will bet you they have more listeners for their  
coverage area than the licensed stations in Boston and they serve their  
respective community.
Speaking of  the Boston stations, I want someone on this list to tell  me 
that they are not interfering with commercial stations. Pick one and  give me 
the analysis you just did for the station at 87.9. We both know it  
wouldn't be pretty regardless of what unlicensed station you chose. What about  the 
"licensed" stations that they are interfering with? Where are they in all 
of  this?
ALL of the unlicensed stations in Boston are on the commercial  band. Where 
is the FCC?    I know where the FCC is, they are  afraid of what the 
ramifications of Radio Goldfield could have on the radio  business if one of these 
unlicensed station takes them to court.
It seems that whenever a pirate accidentally broadcasts at the end of  the 
FM band and gets into the aircraft band the FCC and local police have that  
station shutdown the same day. So you see it could be done. I just think 
that  AM/FM Broadcasting is a low priority to the FCC.
Some of these stations have been on the air for years now and  they just 
keep on coming. Let's all climb all over a station in the middle  of nowhere. 
I have to ask myself does anyone on this list understand the term  
"equality"? Shut one down, shut them all down.
People over 55, when it comes to broadcast media, are also minority because 
 all of the licensed stations don't program to "dead people". Public 
service my  a**!
Maybe the future of radio, in urban areas, is lower power community  
stations. If a large station cannot make enough money to make a profit, or  should 
I say what they consider a profit, on a specific format what then? "Well  
to hell with the public they will listen to what we tell them to listen  to". 
Great business model about 40 years ago when the only  entertainment was 
radio and OTA TV but not anymore. 
When pirate stations have more of an audience than licensed stations  
something is broken. Licensed stations can do one of two things emulate the  
pirate and make their stations better or complain to the FCC and "try" to  get 
it shut down. Of course they continue to broadcast the same crap nobody  
listens too either way. I mean whose fault is it that radio groups over paid for 
 their stations? Listeners don't give a rat's a**. With all of the  media 
choices out there radio broadcasters better deliver.
As far as pirates being technically inferior I agree, but what should  or 
could be done about that? It is a no win situation. Who would step  up and 
show these guys the way to do it right? I'm not saying getting a license,  
because there aren't any to be had in the area, I am saying technically  make 
it a safe environment.  No technically they don't have the skill  but if one 
of them called you would any of you help them out? Doubtful. You  can't have 
it both ways.
Bear in mind we are talking about a radio station, licensed or  unlicensed, 
not a meth lab. 
Mike Hemeon - CPBE

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