Fundraising drive on commercial radio WIZZ-1520 (Greenfield, MA)

Brian Vita
Thu Sep 17 10:23:59 EDT 2009

>My brother is in Burlington Mass and cannot get service at his home. There
are places in and around Nashua that always drop calls.  For some reason
whenever I take the exit in Marlboro Mass....I get a dropped call.  These
are not quite rural.

Looking at all the complaints generated by WRKO's signal nulls....I can't
imagine the public putting up with unreliable signals trying to get their
radio over existing cell phone service.

I'm sure it's going to get better...but it's a ways off to get it reliable
enough to start replacing radio.<

Look, there are places where landline telephone is pretty iffy also.
There's never going to be a single solution that fits everywhere.  We can
wring our hands until the PERFECT solution comes along or make the best with
what we have.


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