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W245BK, 96.9. It transmits from the site of sister station, WLZX on Horse
Mountain in Northampton.
This is the old W246AM (97.1) repeater of the river that used to be on
WFCR's tower.
The legal is ID is probably being done using FSK.


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I believe the 96.9 is a translator licensed to Amherst, but with transmitter
in Northampton.  I notice the WHMP homepage mentions the 1400 and 1240, plus
the 96.9 translator, but not the 1600 in Longmeadow (WHNP). I wonder if they
plan to do something else with the 1600.


I was in Amherst yesterday and, while listening to WHMP in 
Northampton, heard an announcement that they were "now on FM at 
96.9."  And sure enough, they were.  They don't seem to do a legal ID 
for the FM station, though.  I heard a legal ID for the three 
simulcasting AM stations, but the only mention of the FM station was 
the "now on FM at 96.9" which accompanied the legal ID as it does 
other station announcements.

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