New SS format at WXKS (AM) 1430

Mario Gonzalez Jr.
Mon Sep 7 14:45:09 EDT 2009

Mia means mine in Spanish.


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> I just posted this on the Boston board at
> Rumba seems to be surviving at Clear Channel's WKOX (AM) 1200, but
> formerly // WXKS (AM) 1430 appears to have undergone a format flip.
> Not a language change--as far as I can tell, everything is still en
> Espanol. Of course, I neither understand spoken Spanish, nor read
> Spanish, and I certainly don't speak it, so I'd advise anyone
> interested enough to listen and draw their own conclusions. It sounds
> to me as if the name of the new format is either Musica Mia or just
> Mia. And it sounds a lot mellower than the uptempo Rumba on 1200.
> Remember when Hispanic broadcaster Mega Communications owned both 890
> and 1150 five or more years ago? I guess 1200's Rumba is kind of
> analogous to 1150's La Mega, whereas 1430's Mia is sort of like 890's
> Romantica.
> I don't believe that Rumba is satellite delivered, although I don't
> know that for sure. I have no idea whether Mia comes down from the
> bird or not. If somebody knows or can figure it out by listening, I'd
> sure appreciate being clued in. I gather that 1430 is aiming for a
> more female and slightly older audience than the more up-tempo 1200.
> Are both aiming for Carribean Hispanics? Mexicans? South Americans?
> Somebody must be able to figure it out. Or maybe somebody who is
> reading this actually knows. And is Mia produced by CCU or is it
> brokered time like so much of the Spanish programming on other Boston
> AMs? My understanding is that Rumba is NOT brokered.
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