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Mon Sep 7 15:29:54 EDT 2009

Yes. When WQQQ (AM) surrenders its call sign, WQQQ (TV) becomes the
historic user of the WQQQ calls. If the historic user of WQQQ (the TV
station in this case) gives its permission, the former WQQQ (AM) can
again be WQQQ (AM). I think there are actually some examples of
exactly this case, but we'll have to wait for Scott or Garrett to,
umm, spell them out. As you can imagine, there aren't many examples,
though. Not too many TV stations are really excited about having their
calls on an unrelated radio station.

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A "just curious" question, offered by way of example:  Stations WQQQ
and WQQQ-TV are co-owned.  The owners decide to sell off the radio
station, which subsequently surrenders its "historic" calls.  Some
time later, the station is sold again, and the new owners want the
WQQQ call letters back.  Can it apply for them, if the owners of the
television station give permission?   -Doug

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