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I was there from 1978-80 and remember we did the ID live at the top of the hour and we always said Lawrence first...If I recall it was a marketing gimmick so Lawrence residents wouldn't think of us as "the Lowell station". 
Keeping the image of being just as much a part of Lawrence as WCCM was such a priority I remember one news director (Al Freeman) hanging a huge poster in the newsroom saying...."Whats happenin' in Lawrence???" as some news people would forget to gather enough Lawrence stories. 

Two licenses were on the transmitter room wall at 4 Broadway in Lowell. The Lawrence license had the words "standard broadcast station" X'd out (before computers some clerk at the FCC was probably overpaid to hand type the X's) in it's place hand typed in was "synchronous amplifier". 

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> Actually the jingle package "The
> Philadelphia Story" that WLLH got in the
> 1970's (Dan Guy PD at the time I believe) had 2 versions of
> the ID
> jingle........"WLLH..Lowell and Lawrence"  and
> "WLLH..Lawrence and Lowell"
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> > Sounds as if they resurrected some old tapes from the
> Mega days, 
> > Somebody will tell us how many years old those tapes
> have to be (at a 
> > minimum). The correct legal ID is WLLH Lowell AND
> Lawrence. Lowell 
> > first because it has the regular license; Lawrence
> second because it 
> > is technically an experimental facility. <snip>
> I recall as a kid in the 60s/70s their swapping Lowell AND
> Lawrence with
> Lawrence AND Lowell from time to time. 
> Unreconstructed radio geeks, Dan?
> What next, you showing up to a Star Trek convention with a
> bull horn yelling
> that Spock's ears were really not pointed but for the
> costume?  Say it ain't
> so!
> Bill O'Neill


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