SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Thu Oct 29 20:15:40 EDT 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>  The correct legal ID is WLLH Lowell AND Lawrence. Lowell
>first because it has the regular license; Lawrence second because it
>is technically an experimental facility. And the AND between Lowell
>and Lawrence is necessary because, unlike most stations that are
>licensed to a single community but append the names of additional
>communities in their listening area to the end of their legal IDs and
>are NOT supposed to interpose the AND, WLLH is licensed to BOTH Lowell
>AND Lawrence and requires the AND to signify that it has two licenses.

I have an old aircheck of WLLH circa 1971/72 where they had a jingle 
for the ID that went "Lowell & Lawrence, WLLH".  Right info, wrong order.

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