Lightning Fast Format Changes And Back Again
Mon Oct 26 13:43:08 EDT 2009

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<<On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:54:55 -0400, Todd Glickman <> said:
> Why would you want a degreed, certified meteorologist as your weather  
 reporter on TV or radio?  For 95% of the situations, it probably  
 doesn't matter -- and doing a rip/read of the NWS generic zones  
 forecasts would be fine.  But during severe weather, conflicting  
 computer model runs, emergencies, etc., having a trained expert is  
>That doesn't, IMHO, mean that the person who reads the forecast on the
air must necessarily be the person who writes the script.  We somehow
have gotten fixated on the idea that the performer on screen (or in
front of the mike) has to actually know something about the weather.
Hey, wait a minute...a few months ago, several B.R.I.G. members posted
their displeasure at having WBZ-AM NEWSCASTERS giving sports scores instead
of the regular sports "reporters".  Anybody can do that.  George Carlin made
fun of sportscasters in his "Wonderful Wino" bit:  "Now some sports scores...
3 to 2;   5 to nothing, and here's a partial score: 8."

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